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In this modern era, human lifestyle has changed drastically as compared to our ancestors. Nowadays, our diet trend leaned towards high intake of fat and sugar, and low intake of healthy fats and grains. This indirectly means that the intake of dietary fiber is decreasing. Low dietary fiber intake could lead to condition such as constipation, colon and rectum cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia.

3 Main Ingredients


Kuma Zasa Is One Of The Varieties Of Bamboo. It Is Widely Cultivated In The High Lands Of Hokkaido, Japan. This Variety Of Bamboo Is Not Well Known And Utilized But It Is Very Nutritious. Kuma Zasa Is A Very “Strong” Plant. It Can Live Up To 60 Years And Survive Through The Harsh Weather Of Winter. One Of The Reasons Is Because Kuma Zasa Has High Chlorophyll Content. The Plant Is Able To Undergo Photosynthesis Process Efficiently Even Under Low Light Condition. Besides That, Kuma Zasa Has Very Long Roots. This Enables The Plant To Absorb Nutrients From Soil Far Away From Them – Keeping Them Well Nourished. The Fact That Kuma Zasa Is High In Nutrients Is Also Approved By Animals Such As Bears. As We Know, Bear Will Consume A Lot Of Highly Nutritious Food Before Hibernation, Which Will Last About 4-8 Months. During This Period, Bear Will Rely On Their Stored Body Fats, Nutrients And Water To Sustain Their Body. Wild Bears Will Normally Consume Kuma Zasa Before And Right After Hibernation. This Is A Proof That Kuma Zasa Is Highly Nutritious. Besides That, Kuma Zasa Has Anti-Bacterial Effect Which Can Prevent Food In The Bear’s Stomach From Decaying During Hibernation.


Moringa, A Plant Native Of India, Is A Highly Nutritious Plant As It Is Rich In Minerals, Vitamins And Other Important Phytochemicals. It Is Known As “Drumstick Tree”, “Horseradish Tree”, Or Even Called As The “Miracle Tree”. Moringa Is Like A Nutrient Storage Powerhouse. Its Nutrition Value Is So High That Moringa Is Used In India And Africa In Feeding Programs To Fight Children Malnutrition.

The Leaves Of Moringa Oleifera Are Rich In Protein And Minerals Such As Potassium, Iron And Calcium, Which Are Important For Human Growth. It Was Suggested That Moringa Oleifera Powder Can Be Used As A Potential Treatment For Anemia Due To Its High Content Of Iron. Besides That, Moringa Oleifera Also Contains Compounds That Possessed Antioxidative Effect Such As Vitamin A, C And Various Phytochemicals. Antioxidants Are Important For Reducing The Oxidative Stress In Our Body And Protects Us From Diseases. There Are Scientific Research Showing That The Presence Of These Phytochemicals Makes Moringa Oleifera Having Anti-Diabetic And Anti-Cancer Properties. 


Chrysanthemum (Higo-Giku In Japanese) Is A Flower Originating From China Where It Has Been Cultivated For Over 2000 Years. The Flower Head Of Chrysanthemum Is Called ‘Ju Hua’ In Chinese And Is Widely Used In Beverages Such As Herbal Tea Due To Its Unique Flavour And Health Benefits. In Fact, ‘Ju Hua’ Is A Popular Ingredient In Traditional Chinese Medicine In Which It Has Been Listed In Chinese Pharmacopoeia As ‘Chrysanthemi Flos’. It Was Also Recorded In The First Classic Work Of Chinese Herbal Medicine; “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic”, About 2000 Years Ago.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, ‘Ju Hua’ Is Regarded To Have The Effect Of Clearing Heat And Detoxification. Hence, It Is Generally Used To Treat Diseases Such As Headache, Influenza, Hepatic And Eye Diseases. There Are Also Investigations Found That They Possessed Various Biological Activities Including Antibacterial, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Tumoral Effects.

There Are Various Species Of Chrysanthemum. Some Are Ornamental While Some Are Edible Species. Edible Purple Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum Morifolium) Is Mainly Produced In Niigata Prefecture And Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. It Is Believed That Edible Purple Chrysanthemum Has Been Cultivated In The Shonai Region Of Yamagata Prefecture Since Ancient Times. This Chrysanthemum Is Known As Enmeiraku. Besides Those Previously-Mentioned Health Benefits, Another Interesting Beneficial Effect Of Enmeiraku That Is Discovered In Recent Years Is Its Anti-Glycation Effect. Enmeiraku Also Shows Higher Antioxidant Activities Compared To Yellow Chrysanthemum.