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Sculpture DX use of Japan latest technology - S7X-Lactor coupled with patented ingredient, Enmeiraku  and a variety of valuable natural ingredients to produce it.

Through the chelation process will detoxifying or clear out the heavy metals and hazardous substances that stored in our organs, blood and cells of toxins through our  excrete organ , and it then inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria , improve their immune system , increased motility of colorectal benign bacteria , activate detoxification enzymes (GST), thus contributing to detoxification.

In addition, it can promote blood purification of the body, prevent cell aging, anti-aging, whitening , firming, skin lightening and so on.


Start your detox purifying journey with Sculpture DX to purify your body and mind at the same time,
lightweight your body and spirit glow, experience from the inside out health and beauty.

Main Ingredients Enmeiraku:

Because it has a cooling function, so it is often used to relieve the heat of the body and clear the body of accumulated toxic substances. When the body needs to increase endurance, can be used to enhance the vitality of Enmeiraku immune cells, the immune cells from the rest of the state alive. By stimulating the body's immune system and enhance the body's resistance to bacterial and viral infections , but also has the effect of antibiotics (equivalent to 3-5 times the west of antibiotics).
  • Can purify the blood, promote blood circulation , but can also inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria , promote good bacteria in the gut peristalsis, help digestion and excretion.
  • Reduce the harmful effects of lead, aluminum, copper, silica and radiation exposure.
  • Prevent free radical damage.
  • Regulation of intestinal function, relieve constipation.
  • The removal of toxic substances and heavy metals such as aluminium and lead.


20ml/ bottle | 14 bottles/box | Formulated in Japan