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About Us

Corporate Overview

A leader in innovation and products quality, Beauté Morî SDN BHD has been the trendsetting corporation in the modern wellness industry. We are a principle and manufacturer for several renowned brands, as well as the root of many O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer), O.D.M. (Original Design Manufacturer), and O.B.M. (Original Brand Manufacturer) for a myriad of built-to-order requests. Our highly popular products are the uniquely designed to tenderly care for all beauty connoisseurs, and our commitment to deliver only the best of the best has presented our customers the kind of faith like no other.

The philosophy staunchly practised by Beauté Morî also emphasizes on business partnerships. Strong relationships between ourselves and our associates are built on a platform of love, trust and mutual care. Our business model ensures rapid and congruent growth, achieving goals together while creating beauty.

The recently incorporated Beauté Morî is the latest subsidiary of 4CS Group. 

Focusing solely on top notch beauty products, Beauté Morî takes inspiration from the emergence of butterflies from cocoons, to effectively and totally transform our patrons. Confidence, Uniqueness and Attitude that come naturally with good health is the ideology we want to promote.

Beauté Morî is also a proud exclusive distributor of Enmeiraku (Purpule chrysanthemum natural detoxification) from Japan, in Malaysia.

Our products are organic, vegetarian, 100% natural with no preservatives, well certified as Halal, Good Manufacuring Practice (GMP) and is Malaysian Power Brand accredited. Accolades such as European cosmetics innovation prize 2014.

Active in various promotional campaigns, Beauté Morî is nothing less than astute in its marketing effort. A sponsor to many events such as supercars, celebrity showcase, concerts, forums and seminars, we are perceptive to market trends and needs in order to better serve our loyal devotees.

Enroute To The Future

With the overwhelming response from consumers, distributors and even our OEM clients, we know and are confident with where our quality stands. We are one step closer to our target of becoming one of Malaysia’s top beauty and wellness brands, bringing better lives to people in both on and offline markets. The encouragement from positive feedbacks spurred us to go one step further in spreading wellness.

Beauté Morî is now proudly stepping out of Malaysia and going international, starting with neighbouring ASEAN countries. We pledge to continue our good practice in trend-setting innovation, and uncompromising quality one can really trust. A wider range of products shall be introduced in the future to nurture the beauty in you from every given perspective. From our sturdy basis of love and devotion, the Group shall hold tight to its forte and customer oriented principles. We are anticipating bright and exciting times in the pipeline. 

Corporate Statements


The Group’s vision To Harness The Strength From A Collective Effort Of Our Team And Partners In Our Forward Charge To Be The Leading Beauty And Wellness Company In The Country, Offering Only Superior Products And Services That Turn Dreams Into Reality.


The Group’s mission is to continuously focus on research and development to produce excellent and innovative products for our clients, and to create a platform for all aspiring entrepreneurs to kick start a business with low risk and high returns.


The Group is committed to uphold its principles woven into very soul of every employee, assuring customer satisfaction with high quality products and services at reasonable prices, and continuously improving in every aspect to better serve each customer who puts their trust in us. 

Keynote From Managing Director

It brings me great pleasure to know every morning i wake up to something that excites me – to help more and more people of the world become more beautiful. And I am glad that I have an amazing team with me along the journey to realize this dream. It is indeed a blessing. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However I believe beauty lies in how much effort one is willing to invest, and with our professionalism we are here to show you the right and effective way.

In  Beauté Morî, we are always committed to bring you only the best of the best. We wanted everyone from all walks of life to be able to look good and feel great. Hence our R&D team is always dedicated to innovatively produce top quality products that redefine true beauty. We look to the future with anticipation as we know we are capable to touch the lives of many and ultimately put smiles on their faces.

We strive for the best, we deliver the best, we signify the best, and yes, we find joy in making you happy.

Business Ideology

Beauté Morîs ideology is built on 8 major principles:

I. Customer Oriented

We create our products and services based on the feedback of our clients to ensure needs and requirements are met and fulfilled.

III. Pursue of sustainability

We consistently upgrade and  improve our technology as well as our knowledge to maintain our status as one of the leaders in the beauty and wellness industry.

V. A Devotee of Quality

We devote ourselves to offer and  maintain the highest of standards in quality in tandem with our life long tenet to deliver only the best of the best in physical products or intangible services.

VII. Challenging & Fun Environments

We thrive in challenging environment and outperform ourselves to go one step further for our customers and fans. Beaute Mori is a big family which takes pride and happiness in our work.

II. Steadfast in Honesty and Integrity

We hold tight to our principles and functions on the highest business honesty and integrity.

IV. Customers are Partners

We treat our customers as our partners to ensure mutual growth and achievement.

VI. Continuous Innovation

We have been an outstanding performer in innovation and   pledge to continuously churn our avant-garde products to ensure our customers reap the fruits of modern technology.

VIII. People Oriented

We build our business on a strong platform of love and care, both our customers, and our team. Every professional decision from the company are people oriented, and emphasizes on contribution to the community.

Our Team of Experts

Beauté Morî has only the brilliant minds to ensure our high standards are maintained. Highly qualified researchers, beauty experts, scientists and engineers form the core team of Beauté Morî, teaming up with our shrewd and experienced operating division and marketing arm, laying down a strong basis for the company to go a long way.

Our team also consistently attends training and international forums to get them furnished with the latest technology and at par with any industrial breakthrough, hence to better serve our customers and fans.