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High blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids leads to more than half of all heart attacks, strokes, and heart failure cases. It also increases the risk of kidney failure, blindness, and other serious health consequences.

In order to prevent the body from any unhealthy conditions, we must first to start with a balanced healthy eating plan. We should be eating more nutritious fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and should be avoid to reduce the consumption of fast food, high fat, high sugar food and red meat (such as beef, lamb, pork). However, it is very hard for us who are living in a modern hectic lifestyle to have balanced nutritious in every meal.

Therefore, Beaute Mori has developed NutriMe, an effective health care product with complete and balance nutrition that our body needed to restore our health. 

The formula of  NutriMe is from the research of a team of European professional health research scientists. With the latest Qmatrix technology, the molecular structure of the main ingredients, such as 

| Beet Root Extract | Pomegranate Extract | Aloe Vera |

becomes tinier for better absorption in our body. 

Exclusive Ingredient - Lipophytol


1.    Reduce LDL cholesterol

2.    Reduce atherosclerosis damage 

3.    Maintain of normal cholesterol levels             

4.    Maintain healthy cholesterol levels in the blood

5.    To prevent excessive intake of cholesterol

6.    Stroke prevention

7.    Help improve the liver, through blood vessels and reduce the risk of three high,

       that high cholesterol, hypertension and high blood sugar

Exclusive Ingredient:


Main Ingredients:

Red Beets and Pomegranate

Other Ingredients :
Aloe Vera, L-arabinose,

Mushroom Chitin KiOnutrime-CG®

Direction of use :

1. Mix a sachet with 150-200ml cold or warm water. Adjust the temperature at your preference.

2. Stir well and drink immediately.

* Color and taste may vary among different batches due to the use of 100% natural ingredients.

* Can consume as breakfast or tea time drinks.

* Store in a dry place at room temperature.

Serving Size 8gm/ Sachet   |   Packaging 20 sachets/ box   |   Formulated in Europe