Customer Feedback Form


1. Any claim for product exchange shall be within the terms and condition stated herein.

2. Beaute Mori will respond within 2 working days via email and/or a phone call to the User to acknowledge the claim submission. A report number will be provided to the User for future reference.

3. The following are the conditions required to enable the Company to consider a product exchange claim :
a) If the exterior (condition of the box/carton) of the product(s) is NOT in good condition (eg. torn, broke, wet, dented) the User has to file a claim to Beaute Mori within 24 hours upon receiving the product(s).
b) If the exterior of the product(s) is in GOOD condition, the claim from the User shall be valid only if it is submitted within 4 months (for Enterpriser package), 2 months (for Partner package), 24 hours (for Executive package) from the date of order.

4. If the complaint in the claim is found to be attributable to Beaute Mori, the Company will make a one-to-one exchange for the affected/defect unit(s) or redeliver the affected/defect unit(s) to the User’s address (within Malaysia only), whichever is requested (IMPORTANT : Please note that refused and/or undelivered package(s) are the sole responsibility of the User and not considered attributable to Beaute Mori).

5. The Company reserves its right to ship any replacement/requested product(s) at its sole discretion. Alternatively, the User may authorize in writing for a representative to collect or exchange the replacement at Beaute Mori’s office. The User’s written authorization shall include information of his/her representative such as name and NRIC to Beaute Mori for verification purpose. The authorized representative must provide the report number given by the Company for verification before any replacement product is released.

6. No claims for cash refund will be entertained.

*Exchanged product(s) will be redelivered to the same address as the original order
*All products from Beaute Mori can be redeliver with exception of Sculpture DX (less than 3 bottles), which required direct exchange at Beaute Mori’s office
*Beaute Mori reserves the right to change, amend, modify or terminate all or any part of this Policy in individual case or in general, at any time without prior notice or reference to Members