Blanc 28 Ampoule

Blanc 28 Ampoule

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Blanc28 Luxury Selection Skin Beautifying treatment to solve skin problems in just 28 days. Your skin will fully restored to a healthier, fairer and smoother condition.

The creation of Blanc 28 is based on the deep study on the regular pattern of skin activeness mechanism, which is focusing in skin repairing and achieve an overall skin improvement in just 4 weeks time.


  1. Gradually decompose Melanin in the skin cells, inhibit the growth of melanoma.
  2. Stimulate and accelerate cell division and speed up skin metabolism.
  3. Gradually fade off and completely eliminate Melasma, freckles and other skin pigmentations
  4. Inhibit enzyme tyrosine,blocking the process of transformation from Melanin into dark spots.
  5. Inhibition of oxidative free radical formation, increase skin elasticity, slow down skin ageing process,restores a fairer and whiter skin.
  6. Will trigger skin maintenance process to quickly get rid of skin wrinkles, sagging and sunken.
  7. Produces a fairer skin tone and helps in reducing skin pigmentation.
  8. Moisturized and radiant skin due to increased skin elasticity.
  9. Reduce the appearance of age spots and freackles as well as produces a more fairer skin tone.
  10. This ampoule inhibits the formation of skin pigment and gives skin an immediate radiant and moisturized appearance with elasticity.

Blanc28 Fairness Ampoule (Odd day)      |      Blanc28 Hydration Ampoule (Even day)

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