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Thorough Evidence and Challenge,Ways to Recover from Holiday Fatigue

As the rapidly passing Lunar New Year holiday season comes to an end, many people may be experiencing physical and mental fatigue due to various schedules after the COVID-19 outbreak until the New Year’s gatherings. What should we focus on to recover our energy at this time?

We proudly present products that contain our relentless efforts to innovate and establish new directions in the Korean ginseng and deer antler market, where major players have already solidified their positions.

When it comes to ginseng, major brands that come to mind have focused on cultivating six-year-old roots to industrialize the production of ginseng. However, upon researching the history of ginseng, we discovered that it is an medicinal plant that uses every part of the plant, from roots to fruit and leaves.

Therefore, we decided to gather the roots, fruit, and leaves of ginseng from a field in Kimpo-Paju, a former ancient ginseng-producing region and the origin of premium ginseng, and include them all in one product.

Implementing the concept was not easy. We had to harvest the fruit and leaves before the roots, which was a challenge as the farmers who were not used to harvesting them were concerned about the nutrition that goes to the roots. They were stubborn in their belief that ginseng roots were everything. After months of meetings and negotiations, we were finally able to obtain the ginseng fruit and leaves. Fortunately, there were no issues with harvesting the roots as well, and it was a moment of proving the idea behind New Origin.

The Secret of 1% New Zealand Antler Velvet

When you think of premium antler velvet, New Zealand may come to mind, and there’s a secret behind its beginning. When deer antlers reach a certain point of growth, they naturally shed, but if the antlers become entangled during fights between deer, they can starve to death on the spot. To prevent this, New Zealand has been cutting off deer antlers and disposing of them as waste. Strangely enough, the discarded antlers would disappear the next day, and it turned out that Koreans and Chinese who knew the effectiveness of antler velvet were taking them. This became the start of the New Zealand antler velvet industry. As an agricultural advanced country, New Zealand is specialized in maintaining premium quality by strictly adhering to principles and standards in deer farming.

However, not all New Zealand ginsengs are premium just because they are from New Zealand. The key is not considering the source, including where and how they are grown. The majority of products are produced by receiving processed New Zealand ginseng through intermediate vendors. However, New Origin, which needs to see with their own eyes to feel assured, began to carefully investigate the origin and traceability of the raw materials.

After exploring all of New Zealand’s South Island and North Island, we proceeded with a contract for a New Origin exclusive ginseng farm in the Southern Alps region, one of the seven final ginseng farms selected. We only used ginseng from deer grown in that area using natural feed and supplements, which can only be reached by helicopter, and conducted joint research with the New Zealand Royal Research Institute, Agresearch, to scientifically prove the effectiveness of ginseng, which had only been known as a rumor.

Overcoming harsh wilderness is the real milk thistle

Taking care of liver health is unique in South Korea. The liver deteriorates silently, as the saying goes, and if liver health is poor, physical fatigue becomes even worse. That’s why there is a high interest in milk thistle, which helps with liver health. But are all milk thistles the same?

There are countless products made from ingredients grown in artificial farms for the mass cultivation of milk thistle. However, New Origin believes that only milk thistle that has grown through harsh wilderness is genuine. They found the Indo-North Karimsh plateau, where high sunshine levels are optimal for milk thistle growth, and handpicked the wild plants without any artificial elements. They made their product using natural ingredients from the roots. To showcase such precious raw materials, they extract the ingredients without any residual solvents and do not use any chemical additives in the packaging. The result is a product that relentlessly strives to provide excellent milk thistle raw materials as they are.

Do you know that fatigue recovery and weakened immune system are the root cause of many illnesses? Please take care of yourself at this time to move forward with even more energy in 2023!