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New Origin, Important For Women

[Originer] Powerful step for women health

Creating content for the company mall magazine to commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8th. The slogan announced by the International Women’s Day organizing committee in 2023 is #EmbraceEquity, which means embracing fairness for everyone and respecting individual differences.

Topic: Women who led the New Origin Respecting the differences of all women and supporting their healthy lives.

Purpose: Celebrating International Women’s Day, we aim to highlight the story of New Origin, a company that has been dedicated to researching areas related to women’s health such as vaginal infections and menopause, which have often been neglected or not openly discussed. We strive to respect the differences among all women and support their healthy lives.

[First in Korea][Only in Korea][Bestseller][Top Repurchase][Top Loyalty][Top Satisfaction] Numerous titles we have achieved.

An interview with six women originators who collaborated on Inner Flora and Limited Edition White Duck Water. The interview will be inserted in a concise Q&A format with one question and answer per person.

The first to raise the issue of vaginal health in South Korea [Inner Flora] Q) Hearts dedicated to taking care of vaginal health

Kim Yoon-sun, Brand Marketer of Inner Flora
I want to say the word “vaginal health” in a TV commercial in Korea for the first time. It’s such an important part that we must protect, but in Korea, it’s still classified as a taboo word. For example, there were cases where advertisements were targeted only for women when the word “vagina” was included. As Lee Hyo-ri said on a show, it’s a precious part that only women have, but it’s frustrating why we can’t talk about it easily. Nevertheless, I want to protect the vaginal health of all women, from girls who just started their periods with determination to middle-aged women.

Kim Seon-young, Chief Development and Research Officer at InnerFlora
Unpleasant odors during menstruation, discomfort from panty liners, vague fears of gynecologists – these are all experiences that most women have had at least once. Women’s vaginal health is a crucial part of their lives, but it is often something that they worry about alone and find difficult to talk about. With a sense of mission to alleviate some of these concerns, we developed our products. I wanted to create safe probiotics that my friends, my sister, and my mother could take without any worries.

Inner Flora Package Designer, Ahn Ji-won
Pink is often associated with women’s products, but that’s too marketing-focused. In ancient Greece, pink was named ROSY, meaning love and happiness, just like Eros and Cupid. Therefore, I wanted to convey my wish for the happiness and love of all women who consume Inner Flora, and chose coral color based on the womb color, which symbolizes unwavering strength, rather than a delicate pink color.

"Even Moms are Women too!" Recognized as the "First and Only" in the Neglected Menopause Category in Korea [Yuhan Baeksuo] Q) Things gained through worries about menopause in Korean culture

Kang Hae-in, Brand Marketer at Yuhan-Baesuo-o:
What’s most pleasing to see is not just myself, but our employees’ mothers who have personally tried and actively repurchased our products to manage their menopause. In fact, mothers are usually busy taking care of their families rather than themselves. Nonetheless, seeing them continuously seek out our products makes us feel like we’ve created something great. While studying menopause, I learned that women’s estrogen levels decrease after the age of 35, and I’ve been spreading the word around. Nowadays, even women in their late 30s have been using our products to manage their menopause, and as a brand marketer, it’s really gratifying to see. It’s like living off the positive reviews 😊.

Mr. Ian Joon, the product development and research manager of Yuhan-Baesuo
While awareness of menstrual pain and premenstrual syndrome seems to have greatly improved, it seems that menopause is still being ignored. Even those who experience menopause do not look deeply into it. It’s just a natural part of the life cycle, but the process can be longer than people realize. There is even a saying that we go through menopause for our entire lives after our 40s, so we had to think about how we could make middle-aged women’s lives a little more comfortable. As we conducted research, we gained confidence in the ingredients of Baesuo, and now we can confidently say that nowhere else is menopause as well-managed as it is with Baesuo.

Manager Jang Hyun-jung, in charge of quality control at Yuhanbaeksoo
“There are many good ingredients related to menopause, but we couldn’t let go of Yuhanbaeksoo even though there was a Yuhanbaeksoo wave, because we had confidence that it was good for menopausal women. I wanted to let many women know that there are such good ingredients, and I had a strong desire for middle-aged women to improve menopause on their own. I think we are gradually gaining the trust of those who do not believe in Yuhanbaeksoo because of the fake Yuhanbaeksoo wave, and today, I am still conducting repeated quality inspections.”

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